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Urban Gardens in the Sky


SkyVillas doesn’t leave out the pleasure of living without greenery despite being a condominium. Apart from being nestled amidst the lush landscape of New Manila’s old trees, its specialty units provide ample opportunity for urban gardens to accommodate natural surroundings in the modern living space. The glass, floor to ceiling high windows that wrap around the entire building allow you to view all the verdant beauty of New Manila and the Metropolis while allowing stunning sunlight to filter through at the same time.

The enormous Garden Villa at the Ground Floor, Balete Villas, Veranda Villa or Junior Penthouse. Lanai Villa or Grand Penthouse all provide for urban garden space so as not to neglect Mother Nature’s place for the SkyVilla homeowner to enjoy, as well as to contribute to the beauty that plants, flowers and trees provide for the condo unit.

The Ground Floor of SkyVillas has garden space and lush landscaping along the driveway and around the building where the residents and can take tranquil walks and wander around with ease with their pets or bicycles, which even extends to the rest of the One Balete compound to Skyline Premiere.

SkyVillas also boasts of the smaller yet still ample-spaced 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom Club Suites, and 205 which is a 3-bedroom, which can house urban gardens inside because of the size of the units. Hanging plants, small potted trees and select displays of shrubs and mini-landscapes can be accommodated inside the condominium because of the high ceilings and wide living areas. Manila, having tropical weather all year round makes it easy to keep the plants alive and healthy, and the selection of local flora is wide to choose from.

Urban gardens are the new trend for creating a warm and homey living space that is reminiscent of natural living that also evokes beauty and joy. This is what SkyVillas condo living is all about. We never left anything out, and we have everything in our space for you.