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The Merits of Intelligent Space


article2_1-480x1024-minIdeally, residential harmony is achieved through the abundance of space. In the field of architecture, the concept of space is regarded as a key stone [1]. From calculations of proportions to the interplay between structural function and harmonious ease, architecture delves into the construction of a familiar, domestic, human space [2]. To organize a given space intelligently to form liveable, breathable dimensions within which an individual can exist is a pillar most architects live by. The personal imprints, the distinct palette, and the added touches elevate a home into a rare, fine print of who the person living there is – and all that is inconceivable without the proper organization of space. When you talk about space, however, in terms of housing, density plays a huge part. Take for example the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Hong Kong, an iconic city renowned for its dramatic forest of high-rise towers [3]. Despite the urban grandeur and because of spatial constraints that had them building up rather than building out, Hong Kong is now a city where residents have to cope with extremely limited urban open space, a measurable urban heat island effect, and dangerously high concentrations of roadside pollution that fail to disperse from poorly ventilated street canyons [3].

The driving point in all this is the idea that if the ramification of anything that is too cramped is already dire on a continental scale, what more for something as simple as the place you come home to every day? PhilRealty understands this clearly. Guided by its vision of offering spacious living within intimate communities, PhilRealty is in the business of building projects that boast of the largest cuts in its category. A key player during the height of the development boom in Ortigas Center in the ‘80s and ‘90s, PhilRealty pioneered the concept of home replacements here in the Philippines—the concept of vertical living within urban communities—when it introduced The Alexandra in Ortigas. The development was a highly celebrated PhilRealty project that boasts of the largest land-to-occupant ratio in its category. The 33-storey Tektite Towers, on the other hand, held the distinction as the largest office building complex for decades after its completion.

For PhilRealty, luxury is being the least dense development and offering the most generous space in an upscale market segment — a credo evident in their latest offering: Sky Villas at One Balete. Set to rise as the second phase of the 2-hectare, six-tower One Balete development, Sky Villas serves as the fruition of PhilRealty spatial wealth expertise coupled with the luxurious comfort and exclusivity entrenched in the neighborhood of New Manila.

Relaxing and airy, Sky Villas will have rooms that feature a clever use of glass and metal to achieve a modern look that allows people to revel in freedom and ease. The size in itself is a marvel. With tall ceilings measured to an approximate of 3.1 meters, Sky Villas makes every homeowner feel the prestige of living in luxury. Magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows make the home seem larger and more open as compared to enclosed rooms with tiny windows that feel claustrophobic. The windows bring the outdoors in, blurring the borders of separation, giving it an illusion of a wider, more spread out enclave. They provide uninterrupted views of scenic Ortigas, the San Juan reservoir, or Quezon City. The light wells that let in soft natural light bring it all together, giving the room a calming natural ambiance.

Step into a well- defined sanctuary that welcomes you with full-height windows in every room and high ceilings that give you ample breathing room and a generous living space to fulfill the life you choose.


Rediscover your passion for creating delectable masterpieces with SMEG appliances as your companion in your Sky Villas kitchen.


Each Sky Villas unit stimulates your senses by welcoming you in its luxurious bathrooms and glass shower enclosures, adorned by choice fixtures from Grohe and Kohler.

The expansive provisions of space reflect the age-old standards of wealth, proving that suburban comfort is possible even when it’s translated to a vertical living community.

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