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8 Specialty Room Ideas for Your Home

The best homes are places of recreation as much as venues of respite. For those who dream of a living space with all the luxuries that fuel passions and encourage hobbies, creating specialty rooms is definitely a consideration. With a vast space, the home can be so much more than just an accommodation—it becomes a retreat.

1. Play timeless records in the music room.

The music room ideally houses the family’s collection of instruments, which when not in use are displayed as prized possessions rather than stored. Here is where family members also hold small performances and musical numbers for entertainment. For mere music enthusiasts, this room may also be built to preserve vinyl records or CD collections, which are played on excellent surround-sound audio systems for a full musical experience. Preferably, music rooms are soundproofed.

2. Store spirited drinks in the man cave.

Here is where the man of the house can unwind and drink a shot or two. An idea would be to fuse the underground cellar with a bar. Behind the bar counter and shelves of various spirits, wine connoisseurs may opt to have a built-in cellar to store their collection in a controlled environment, free of humidity. If cellars seem too fancy, then the bar could simply include wine coolers.

3. Archive page-turning books in the library.

If you’re an avid learner with books too many to fit on a regular shelf, then a library could be the solution to your woes. Having a home library is an opportunity to experiment with out-of-the-box designs.

Depending on your personal taste and available space, you may seek inspiration from Beinecke Library in Connecticut, for instance, which is inspired by a wine cellar, or from the Library Hall in Prague, which features marvelous hand-painted ceilings. The library may also double as a work or study room for both kids and adults.

4. Nurture the arts and crafts in the “she” shed.

The female equivalent of the man cave serves as a getaway for the matriarch of the family. This haven is where the woman of the house indulges undisturbed in whatever hobby or craft. Some of the most interesting “she” sheds we’ve seen are ultra-feminine tea rooms, beads and crafts spaces, and even a beauty room filled with perfume collections and makeup dressers.

As a hidden space, its interior design need not match the look of the entire house, and may simply take from the liking of the lady of the home.

5. Hold a fun family competition in the game room.

Also known as the entertainment room, the game room provides indoor recreational activities, which can center on large billiards or ping-pong tables. Opt to have arcade games or gaming consoles installed by the side of the room, and the children will never have to leave the house to meet their friends over games.

6. Make the playroom a place your children can look forward to.

For families with smaller children who aren’t quite ready for the activities in the game room, a playroom, lined with cushiony puzzle mats and child-proof features, seems a better fit. The playroom also helps separate the clutter of toys from the children’s bedroom, so bedtime strictly means bedtime.

7. Enjoy a weekend movie night in your very own home theater.

Home theaters are becoming a more common fixture in the house. Hours of family bonding consist of television time, after all, so installing a home theater merely enhances that experience. Deck out the theater with a stellar sound system, remote-controlled light-dimming options, and indulgent armchairs that recline to your heart’s content. A top tip? Make use of a screen projector for the most authentic theater feel.

8. Build a healthier lifestyle by having a home gym.

A gym in the comfort of your own home leaves no excuse to skip daily exercise. The selection of exercise equipment need not be extensive but should contain tools for cardio, strength training, and toning at the very least. Don’t forget to use mats to protect the flooring from the weights, stationary bikes, and treadmills you will be installing.

These specialty rooms are not solely for entertainment, but also for the enrichment of the homeowner’s lifestyle. In order to create a home with these rooms, house hunters should seek a formidable space, large enough to accommodate a place for each passion.

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